ClickGUARD uses an account-level tracking template in Google Ads to track ad clicks. If you have a tracking template on a lower level (campaign, ad group, ad) the lower level tracking template will be used and the account level tracking template will be ignored.

This can be solved in a multitude of ways.

(1) Low level tracking tracking template not required

For starters, if you do not need the lower level tracking templates (might be a leftover from previous configurations) you can simply remove all lower level tracking templates and have ClickGUARD’s work as the only one.

Note: Contact our support if you want us to automatically remove all your campaign-level tracking templates.

If you are actually benefitting from the low level tracking templates, the optimal approach is determined based on why you are using them in the first place:

(2) Using tracking template to add UTM params to the landing page

You are likely using a tracking template that looks like this:


Your goal is to add additional parameters to your final URL for the purpose of on-site or server side tracking (for example you need the campaign name so you can properly record conversions).

The fix is super easy, as all you have to do is leverage the final URL suffix for the entity or entities that have a tracking template (for example: your campaigns). You’ll basically move the additional parameters from the tracking template to the URL suffix and then remove the tracking template altogether.

Click here to learn how to use the final URL suffix. Do this for all campaigns (or other entities) where you’re using a tracking template to get additional params into your final URL and it will work alongside ClickGUARD’s tracking.

(3) Using tracking template for the purpose of 3rd party tracking

If you’re using another 3rd party service to track clicks you will need to merge their tracking template with ClickGUARD’s for all entities where you have the 3rd party tracking template configured. Click here to see how to merge the templates.

This will allow both services to perform tracking in a sequence.

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