By entering your payment information before starting the free TRIAL for ClickGUARD services, you consent to enter an ongoing subscription service for recurring payments.

Kindly read the information below prior to entering your credit card details and starting ClickGUARD TRIAL.

Services provided

ClickGUARD provides intent optimization and click fraud protection services for Google Ads advertisers.

Price of the ClickGUARD TRIAL

You may use ClickGUARD TRIAL without charges.

Start and end date of the subscription

Your ClickGUARD TRIAL will start when you enter your payment details and authorize to start TRIAL.

The TRIAL will end in 7 days upon starting.

ClickGUARD TRIAL end date might change if:

  • You extend your TRIAL by applying a promotional coupon

  • We extend your TRIAL based on your request and/or mutual agreement

Your ClickGUARD subscription will start when your ClickGUARD TRIAL ends unless you cancel your ClickGUARD TRIAL before the TRIAL end date.

Your ClickGUARD subscription will end when your last billing period ends, provided that you've previously cancelled your ClickGUARD subscription.

Subscription cost after TRIAL ends

You select your after-TRIAL subscription plan during setup, prior to entering your payment information, where the recurring price of the plan is shown to you. Please refer to our Pricing page for up-to-date information on the cost of our standard plans.

The cost of your after-TRIAL subscription plan might change during the TRIAL period in the following circumstances:

  • You update your after-TRIAL plan on your Subscription page

  • Your after-TRIAL is updated after you accept a custom quote on your Subscription page

  • We update your after-TRIAL plan per your request and with your explicit consent


We will send you a billing reminder on the day you start your TRIAL.

Cancellation policy

You may cancel your ClickGUARD TRIAL at any time before the TRIAL end date by taking any of the steps described here.

You may cancel an active ClickGUARD subscription at any time by taking any of the steps described here.

Billing date

If you have an active ClickGUARD subscription you will be billed based on the date your subscription started and your billing frequency (monthly or annually).

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