Simple Rules are designed to facilitate all common use cases for ClickGUARD's automated protection and optimization in order to simplify using ClickGUARD, especially for new users who might not be ready for the complexity of data-driven Advanced Rules.

Even though Simple Rule do not offer the level of customisation nor combining different criteria for making rules, they are in no way less powerful or impactful to Google Ads advertizing when properly deployed.

Available Simple Rules

Real-time Rules

  • Simple Rules - Repetitive Clicks
    Make sure your advertizing budget is being spent towards new prospects, rather than being wasted on same sources over and over again.

  • Simple Rules - Invalid Clicks
    Control how many times invalid clicks can be made by the same source before they get blocked from making any more ad clicks.

  • Simple Rules - Multiple Targets
    Prevent budget waste and business disruption by blocking click sources frequently engaging multiple campaign or keywords.

  • Simple Rules - Known Threats
    Stop waste by detecting and blocking IPs and IP ranges that are known threats or proxies and excluding ad placements sending these clicks.

  • Simple Rules - Geo Location
    Block IPs, IP ranges and ad placements that keep sending traffic from outside your advertised region or from within specified geo-regions.

Post-Click Rules

  • Simple Rules - Visitor Behavior
    Optimize your campaigns for quality interactions by dealing with sources hat exhibit specific behavior after clicking on your ads.

  • Simple Rules - Conversion
    Optimize your campaigns for traffic that converts by dealing with sources that are not likely to convert.

Special Rules

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