You can catch IP addresses and IP ranges that are frequently engaging multiple campaigns or keywords with ad clicks or ad placements that generate clicks for multiple (often unrelated) campaigns or keywords.

You can then:

By implementing multiple target rules and blocking these disruptive click sources you are preventing them from wasting your budget and further disrupting your business.

How to configure?

Chose the target you wish to observe (e.g. campaign) and the source you wish to apply the rule to (e.g. IP range), and switch on the rule. Then configure your threshold:

Make sure to hit "Save Changes" to apply the rule.

How long are IPs/ranges blocked for?

IP addresses will be blocked based on your default IP blocking period configured in Account Settings.

For how long are placements excluded?

Ad placements will be excluded based on your default ad placement exclusion period configured in Account Settings.

Go Advanced?

By switching to Advanced rules - Target Frequency you can apply additional criteria to target frequency (multiple clicks) rules, or apply them to specific campaigns or keywords only.

Additionally, you can override your default IP blocking / placement exclusion settings and chose how you wish to be notified when rules trigger. You can also apply custom click tags for advanced reporting.

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