If you're using visitor behavior tracking, which means you've installed the website tracking code, you can:

  • block IP addresses or IP ranges that click on your ads and then interact (or do not interact) with your website in a specified way, or when ClickGUARD is unable to detect their unique device

  • exclude ad placements that generate ad clicks where website visitors behave (or do not) behave in a specified way, generate ad clicks where device cannot be detected

By implementing visitor behavior rules you optimize your campaigns for quality interactions by blocking/excluding sources that exhibit specific behavior patterns after clicking on your ads.

How can ClickGUARD not detect device?

The system is unable to determine unique devices when clicks come from browsers that have their JavaScript disabled or are in any way blocking ClickGUARD's tracking. Click here to read more.

What behavior metric are available?

You can leverage the following rules based on metrics:

How to configure?

Chose the specific behavior you wish to observe with rules (e.g. low time on site), select the source to apply the rule to (e.g. IP address) and switch on the rule. Then configure your threshold:

Make sure to hit "Save Changes" to apply the rule.

How long are IPs/ranges blocked for?

IP addresses will be blocked based on your default IP blocking period configured in Account Settings.

For how long are placements excluded?

Ad placements will be excluded based on your default ad placement exclusion period configured in Account Settings.

Go Advanced?

You can switch to Advanced Rules - No Device to deal with no device clicks while combining it with other conditions.

You can switch to Advanced Rules - Visitor Behavior to combine behavior metrics with other conditions thus covering unlimited behavior patterns and optimize the quality of the traffic you're paying for!

Additionally, you can override your default IP blocking / placement exclusion settings and chose how you wish to be notified when rules trigger. You can also apply custom click tags for advanced reporting.

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