You can react to traffic peaks in your Google Ads account, such as intense click fraud or abusive traffic.

By implementing click intensity rules you can manage intense ad click traffic and minimize impact to your advertising by pausing campaigns, excluding placements or ignoring IPs and IP ranges.

What is click intensity?

The intensity of ad traffic can be calculated as a total number of SUSPICIOUS, FLAGGED or INVALID clicks logged from a click source or for a specific target (campaign) within the given time period.

A simple peak in the number of ad clicks can be calculated for NORMAL clicks as well.

How can you react to peaks?

Based on the source or target of intense traffic, you can:

How long are campaigns paused for?

Campaigns will be paused based on your default pause period configured in Account Settings.

ClickGUARD is not liable for potential negative business impact induced by automatically pausing advertising entities in Google Ads. Additionally, ClickGUARD is not liable in case when resuming entities is not possible for any reason, including but not limited to Google Ads API errors or if Google Ads account can no longer be managed. By using the automated pausing action you confirm you agree with the given terms.

How long are IPs/ranges blocked for?

IP addresses will be blocked based on your default IP blocking period configured in Account Settings.

For how long are placements excluded?

Ad placements will be excluded based on your default ad placement exclusion period configured in Account Settings.

Go Advanced?

By switching to Advanced rules - Click Intensity you can make unlimited combinations of click intensity patterns, by applying different conditions and combining click types.

Here are just a couple of examples of what you can do with advanced click intensity rules:

  • chose to only get notified about traffic intensity for specific campaigns, group of campaigns, placements or individual IPs/ranges

  • react to peaks in suspicious and flagged clicks combined (or any other combination)

  • apply rules to specific campaigns only

  • react on peaks in proxy, high level threat, mobile clicks, clicks from specific countries, etc.

  • set different pause/exclusion periods for different cases

Additionally, you can override your default IP ignore / placement exclusion or pausing settings and chose how you wish to be notified when rules trigger. You can also apply custom click tags for advanced reporting.

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