Click Intensity Rules help you to react to peaks in ad traffic your Google Ads account:

By setting triggers, configuring specific conditions and implementing optimization actions, you can manage intense ad click traffic and minimize impact to your advertising by pausing campaigns, excluding placements or ignoring IPs and IP ranges.

Triggering the rule (WHEN)

To configure when a click intensity rule will trigger, set the following:

  • Maximum Logged Ad Clicks: the maximum number of ad clicks before the rule triggers (to trigger the rule for the first click from a given source, input 0)

  • Within: the time period the rule will observe

  • Of Type: choose a combination of NORMAL, FLAGGED, SUSPICIOUS or INVALID clicks

  • Target/Source: specify if the rule is to be applied to traffic peaks for a specific campaign, from a specific ad placement or from specific IPs or IP ranges

Rule conditions (WHERE)

You can add special conditions to better control when your rules will be triggered:

Rule actions (THEN)

When the specified click intensity threshold is reached you can:

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