If you have an active ClickGUARD subscription plan, ClickGUARD bills you at the beginning of every billing period (monthly or annually).

Your billing period starts when you start a paid subscription and ends on the same day in the following month (or year if you are on an annual plan).

What is the example of a billing period?

Let's say you subscribed to a paid plan with ClickGUARD on February 16th at 20:09. Your first billing period will last from February 16th 20:09 to March 16th 21:00, when ClickGUARD will bill to renew your subscription and begin your next billing period.

If you've subscribed to a paid plan with ClickGUARD on August 31st your first billing period will end on September 30th.

If you're subscribed to an annual plan the billing always occurs on the same day each year.

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