What is the value?

ActiveGUARD plans feature click forensic monitoring with highly customizable protection rules to:

  • protect against common threat sources to generate budget savings

  • optimize Google Ads campaigns for better ROI

Who is it for?

This service level is perfect for small businesses getting repetitive fraudulent or low-value paid traffic from Google Ads campaigns.

What are the key features?

ActiveGUARD comes with (amongst other features):

  • Forensic level click reports and dashboard

  • Customizable automated rules (Click Frequency, Target Frequency, Invalid Clicks) with up to 5 rules of every type

  • 360 Google Ads exclusion management

  • Customizable rule conditions (campaign, ad-group)

  • 3 months data retention for 5,000+ monthly ad clicks

  • Basic support

What is the next tier?

The next service tier is PremiumGUARD, offering advanced click tracking and protection / optimization rules, with priority support.

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