One of the important benefits of using ClickGUARD and automated rules is direct budget savings. Simply put, the more fraudulent and underperforming click sources you are excluding, the less marketing dollars you're wasting on them.

Estimated savings are shown in your ClickGUARD dashboard on the Summary page.

So, how are the savings calculated?

The simple answer is: savings are calculated based on your average cost per click and click / exclusion data available in ClickGUARD.

The less simple answer is: savings are calculated by an intelligent algorithm leveraging various data points including but not limited to:

  • average CPC

  • volume of paid traffic (ad clicks)

  • exclusion rate for flagged ad clicks

  • average ad clicks per click source

  • ad click history

How do I edit average cost per click?

You can edit the CPC which calculations are based for directly in your dashboard. Simply mouse over the CPC info to get the edit icon to appear:

Then enter your new CPC and hit "Update":

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