In order to use ClickGUARD's protection and optimization services for your Google Ads after finishing your free TRIAL period, you need an active subscription plan.

A subscription plan in ClickGUARD is determined by:

  • Billing Frequency: monthly or annually
  • Service Tier: the combination of features available for Google Ads accounts added to ClickGUARD (Audit, Active, Premium, Elite)
  • Clicks: the total number of Google Ads clicks ClickGUARD will process within a single billing period
  • Accounts: the total number of standard Google Ads accounts you can protect and optimize with ClickGUARD
  • Add-Ons: custom features (e.g. custom data retention period) or service (e.g. phone support)

How to check current subscription plan?

You can see what subscription plan you are subscribed to on your Subscription page:

Why is the number of Google Ads accounts limited by plan?

ClickGUARD scales its infrastructure to support a specific number of Google Ads accounts.

Every single Google Ads account you add to ClickGUARD gets its own dedicated and reserved processing power to ensure real-time click processing and especially real-time protection and optimisations in Google Ads,

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