The Summary view of ClickGUARD's Dashboard gives you an overview of the most relevant Google Ads ad traffic quality metrics for predefined time periods.

Ad Click Traffic

A look into the click type structure of your ad clicks. More information is available in the Advanced Click Stats view.

Traffic Quality Optimization

ClickGuard shows you the number of unique IP addresses processed with average ad clicks per single IP, along with how much cleaner ad traffic you should expect.

Advertising Budget Protection

By using ClickGUARD you are able to generate savings in your advertising budget. Savings are calculated based on your average cost per click.

Hint: You can edit the average CPC directly in the dashboard:

Quick Visitor Behavior Metrics

Summary gives you a quick look into visitor behavior. More information is available in the Advanced Behavior view.

Ad Clicks Timeline

The timeline chart will give you insight into various peaks in the number of clicks, especially flagged or invalid clicks.

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