When an exclusion is created in ClickGUARD, manually or when automated rules are triggered, ClickGUARD instructs Google Ads to create an exclusion record for the affected campaign(s).

These instructions include:

  • IP address blocks

  • IP range blocks

  • ad placement exclusions

In the back, ClickGUARD sends a message to Google via Google Ads API and awaits for the response to confirm that the given entity is excluded.

IP addresses, IP ranges and ad placements are usually excluded for a specific time period you've configured within your rules and settings. You can learn how exclusions are removed here.

Does ClickGUARD exclude in bulk?

No. This is where ClickGUARD differs from many vendors that send exclusions in bulk and never confirm that every individual exclusion was made.

Every single exclusion is tracked via the Exclusions Dashboard and ClickGUARD will make up to 3 attempts to create an exclusion record.

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