You will find the following types of clicks in click reports:

NORMAL clicks are valid ad clicks that are not considered problematic by ClickGUARD or by you.

Example: When a legitimate visitor clicks on one of your ads without triggering any of your protection rules and ClickGUARD doesn’t find any reason to consider the click problematic, it will be logged as NORMAL.

FLAGGED clicks are ad clicks that triggered a rule and caused an exclusion action to be taken against the source of the click.

Example: When an ad click comes from an IP that belongs to a known offender or when one of your protection rules that have automated blocking actions are triggered - the click will be FLAGGED and actions will be applied against the source.

SUSPICIOUS clicks cannot be considered fraudulent without more data.

Example: When a click comes from an IP address that was blocked in the past. Only upon receiving more data or after a manual review it might be pronounced FLAGGED by triggering other rules that would apply actions against the source of the click.

INVALID clicks are accidentally or intentionally made ad clicks by the same source in an abnormal way.

Example: When someone clicks on the same ad impression multiple times (generating the exact same click signature).

IGNORED clicks are logged but not processed by ClickGUARD.

Example: When you configure ClickGUARD to ignore some of your campaigns, clicks coming from those campaigns will be logged as ignored and no protection settings or rules will be applied against sources of those clicks.

Other Clicks

ADBOT clicks are made by Google's own crawler, often referred to as the "AdsBot". This bot is used by Google to review landing pages for Google Ads.

If you do not wish to know when you're being reviewed by Google's bots you can have ClickGUARD completely ignore and not even log ad bot clicks.

ORGANIC clicks are logged by ClickGUARD's website tracking code.

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