If you suspect the tracking code is not working, check the following reasons:

1) Is the code installed properly?

In order for the tracking code to work in must be installed within the </body> tag

Additionally you need to make sure the tracking code is installed on pages where you want ClickGUARD to track traffic. Sometimes, that only includes the landing pages you are advertising and sometimes you'll want to run the code for all pages on the website.

2) Are there JavaScript errors on your website?

Sometimes ClickGUARD tracking code will not run when your website has JavaScript errors that break code runtime. You can determine this by inspecting your website for errors using any modern browser's developer tools.

3) Caching issues

In case you're using caching plugins (on WordPress for example) or a caching service such as CloudFlare you might need to refresh cache to make sure the tracking code is loaded. If you're using Google Tag Manager or a similar solution to inject the tracking code make sure you published/submitted the changes.

If you're not able to determine why the tracking code is not working reach out to ClickGUARD support via the in-app chat.

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