Sometimes you'll see ad clicks coming from geographical locations you haven't turned on for your campaigns in Google Ads. There are multiple reasons why this can happen.

How does ClickGUARD determine location?

We subscribe to different geolocation services to cross-check the source of the click against their extensive databases.

Geolocation is the identification or estimation of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as mobile phone or Internet-connected computer terminal. IP geolocation) aims to determine the physical (geographic) location of Internet users and devices.

Isn't Google's geo-targeting accurate?

Unfortunately, the answer is - no. Google can't really know for certain where the clicks are coming from, because geolocation is not an exact science and accuracy easily varies.

We recommend reading this article by Search Engine Land on the topic.

Potential causes

As mentioned, there could be many reasons you'd see clicks coming from a location you're not explicitly targeting with Ads. Some of them are:

  • Ad impression can be generated on the advertised location but the click can be made from another location. Impression URL can be copied and Google will allow the click to go through. An example would be if someone's using VPN when searching for your business and then disconnecting before clicking on your ad.

  • The vast majority of IP addresses are dynamic and - especially with mobile devices - are shared between users on different geographical locations. Geolocation for a mobile IP address can never be 100% precise.

Geography plays a huge role in click fraud and there is no system in the world that can determine the geographical location of an IP address with 100% accuracy.

Getting clicks from different countries?

You can protect yourself! If you're getting clicks from locations that are highly unlikely to produce them (e.g. you're targeting a US state with ads and getting clicks from the Middle East) you can and should apply automated protection against the source of the click.

With ClickGUARD you can create a click frequency rule to trigger after a single click (by setting the maximum clicks threshold to zero) when a click comes outside of your targeted region (for example by setting the country or continent condition with a negative prefix).

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