In order to provide the maximum level of protection and better data ClickGUARD monitors both ad clicks and organic website traffic.

How are ad clicks monitored?

By setting a tracking template for your Google Ads account ClickGUARD is able to intercept clicks on your ads and log them.

How are organic clicks monitored?

By installing the website tracking code on your website you allow ClickGUARD to both enrich the data for ad clicks and monitor organic clicks.

Why does ClickGUARD process organic traffic?

There are multiple advantages of logging and processing organic clicks. For starters, knowing more about visitor behavior and being able to view that information within ClickGUARD’s forensic reports makes it easy for you to discern between what is considered a “normal” or “regular” visitor and a fraudulent visitor.

Additionally, you’re able to track the time a visitor spends on your website and if they convert and link it to the original ad click. This makes it possible for you to benefit from using Time On Site, No Device and Conversion rules.

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