Ad bot clicks are made by Google's crawler, often referred to as the "AdsBot".

The AdsBot is used by Google to perform periodical reviews of your Google Ads landing pages.

ClickGUARD does not process ADBOT clicks and does not apply any rules on them.

You can read more about Google's crawlers here.

Why does ClickGUARD log ADBOT clicks?

The information that Google reviewed your ads as well as when that happened might be relevant to your business. ClickGUARD logs everything that can be useful.

Should you block IPs behind ADBOT clicks?

No. These clicks are harmless and they don’t have any impact on your ads. Furthermore, blocking Google's IPs won't prevent their bot from reviewing your ads.

Don't want to see ADBOT clicks?

You can chose to ignore these clicks if you don’t want to see them in your click reports in Settings.

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