When an account is suspended, you cannot login to the application. Same goes for all team members of the suspended master account.

ClickGUARD remains active! Even though the account is suspended, protection is active for all Google Ads accounts that are active with the given ClickGUARD account, provided you are on TRIAL or have an active subscription.

Why was your account suspended?

A ClickGUARD account can get suspended due to various reasons. This can happen automatically - when a system safety check fails - or it can be done by an administrator, when there's a viable reason.

Some of the reasons why an account could be suspended are:

  • Not respecting Terms of Service (e.g. starting multiple TRIALs with different or same Google Ads accounts)

  • Billing issues

  • Issues with linked Google Ads account(s)

  • Suspicion of fraudulent and/or malicious activities

  • System abuse

How to remove account suspension?

In case your ClickGUARD account was suspended you should reach out to customer support via in-app chat or via email to [email protected].

A suspended account can be resumed after a manual review by an ad security expert.

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