ClickGUARD can easily conform to your advertising schedule. Instead of cancelling your ClickGUARD subscription when pausing ads for a season or for any other reason - you can simply pause your subscription.

You can pause your subscription for up to 3 months. If you require additional time you can make a request to ClickGUARD support.

You can do this by visiting your Subscription page and simply selecting a date when your subscription will resume:

You will see that your subscription is being paused on the Subscription page:

Changed your mind? You can cancel pausing at any time during your current billing period.

When your current billing period ends your subscription will be paused, which will clearly be indicated on your Subscription page:

Your subscription will automatically resume on the date you selected. You'll then be able to reactivate your Google Ads account(s) within ClickGUARD.

Wish to resume sooner? You can resume your subscription at any time.

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