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Why does ClickGUARD use the website tracking code?

By tracking devices across multiple ad clicks you’re able to take your protection and campaign optimization beyond the scope of a simple click counter that tracks IP addresses and blocks them based on defined thresholds.

ClickGAURD rules can be configured to monitor devices as well making it easy to catch repetitive ad clicks made from by the same source and block them.

By measuring time spent on site after an ad click you are able to define a special threshold where you automatically block the IP addresses of visitors clicking on your ads and not spending any or enough time on the landing page or site. That is usually a clear indicator of bad ad traffic.

Same goes for the site interaction metrics, page visits counter and bot probability - you are getting the ability to detect and deal with various clicking patterns that bring no results.

You’re also able to track conversion events with ClickGUARD making it possible for you to block visitors that often click on your ads but never convert.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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