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What is parallel tracking in Google Ads?

In short, with parallel tracking, customers who click on your ads are sent directly to your landing page while click tracking and measurement happens in the background. ClickGUARD fully supports parallel tracking.

This means that your ads lead directly to your landing pages, where tracking via tracking templates happens in parallel, independent from the journey customers take after clicking on the ad. There are no redirects and there is no danger of the journey taking any additional time due to slow tracking.

Note that ClickGUARD's click tracking when there's no parallel tracking takes less than 6 milliseconds therefore it's not detectable by your customers.

When does parallel tracking apply?

This method is supported by a limited number of devices and browsers, mostly on Android smartphones.

Is parallel tracking mandatory?

Parallel tracking is mandatory for Search, Shopping, and Display campaigns. For Video campaigns, parallel tracking is optional.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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