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What is ClickGUARD tracking code?

Tracking code (or tracking pixel) is a short snippet of JavaScript code that can be installed on your website and landing pages to enable tracking of post-click behavior data in ClickGUARD.

What information is collected?

By running the tracking code on your website ClickGUARD is able to track the unique device used to make a click and track it across multiple click occurrences, as well as to track visitor behavior after they click on your ad and land on your website.

Organic clicks are tracked as well as they enable additional actionable information about the visitor such as time spent on the site and conversion information.

Where can I find my tracking code?

You can find the tracking code in your ClickGUARD dashboard by visiting Site settings page, and then clicking on the Tracking tab.

Important: If you are managing multiple websites, keep in mind that tracking code is unique for each website.

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Updated on: 24/02/2023

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