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What is a ClickGUARD workspace?

ClickGUARD workspace is where you will be organizing all your ClickGUARD activities - from setting up protected websites, managing team members and configuring your billing options.

As a user, you can own multiple workspaces, and you can be added as a team member on other workspaces too! Learn how to add additional workspace.

Viewing a workspace

Select one of your workspaces on the Workspaces page. There you can navigate around different sections of workspace management:

Sites - manage your websites
Billing - billing details, subscription settings and invoices
Team members - manage your team members
PPC access - manage connections to PPC platforms
Workspace settings - basic workspace settings

About billing

Your subscription is tied to your workspace. When selecting a protection plan when you're activating your workspace, chosen protection plan will be applied to all websites managed under this workspace.

Note: If you own multiple workspaces, you will be paying separate subscription for each workspace.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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