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What happens when an ad placement is excluded in Google Ads?

When ClickGUARD excludes an ad placement in Google Ads, Google will stop showing ads to on that placement - for the campaign(s) where the exclusion occurred.

This means no new ad impressions will be generated on this placement for every campaign where it was excluded.

How did ClickGUARD exclude the placement?

Based on your rules or a manual exclusion action, ClickGUARD added an exclusion entry within the placement exclusion list of the affected campaign(s). This is done by using Google Ads API.

Where can I see that the ad placement was excluded?

You can track all exclusions within your Exclusions Dashboard in ClickGUARD. You can also find them in your Google Ads within the Exclusions section for the given campaign(s).

You can see every ad placement exclusion action in your Change History.

If your Google Ads account ls linked via ClickGUARD's MCC the change will be logged with ClickGUARD's email address. On the other hand, if the account is linked via oAuth, your Google email address will be logged on the history entry.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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