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What are automated rules in ClickGUARD?

ClickGUARD provides a full suite of rules that leverage actionable click data tracked by ClickGUARD via the tracking template and the website tracking code to protect your campaigns from click fraud and optimize them for high-quality paid traffic

Automated rules in ClickGUARD are:

managed: you set your own click thresholds (e.g. how many paid clicks you tolerate from the same IP address or ad placement within a certain time period);
customizable: you can define your own conditions (so you can have different rules for Search campaigns and Display campaigns, different keywords / ad groups or apply them only to high level threats);
measured: the impact of rules in ClickGUARD is tracked and measured so you can know which rules perform and which do not.

The best aspect of our rules is that they are fully automated. All you need to do is to set your thresholds and turn them on, and ClickGUARD will run them against every single ad click that comes through our tracking template or is processed by our website tracking code.

What can you do with rules?

With ClickGUARD's automated rules you can:

block an IP address or IP range from seeing your ads - in Google Ads
flag a unique device and block all related IP addresses from seeing your ads
exclude an ad placement from serving your Display ads
temporarily pause a campaign in Google Ads to avoid budget drain

Additionally, you can set these rules to notify you via email or Slack when they are triggered.

This sounds complicated, will I be able to use the rules?

With ClickGUARD, you can go as deep and as wide as your use case requires. This is why you can opt-in to use:

Simple Rules - that you can quickly and easily setup with your thresholds and get them up and running in a matter of minutes
Advanced Rules - that you can customize with endless combinations of conditions and thresholds

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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