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Managing websites in ClickGUARD

In ClickGUARD, a website is a central figure in your click fraud protection setup. You're not just protecting singular PPC accounts, but entire paid marketing effort on your entire brand.

Adding a new website

You can add a new website from the Sites page. Learn more about adding new websites.

Viewing website dashboard

Select an added website on the Sites page. There you can navigate around different sections of website management:

Dashboard - view stats and charts for the website activity
Clicks - view detailed traffic analytics
Reports - schedule and manage reports
Protection - configure fraud protection settings
Blacklist - review and manage blacklisted entities
PPC accounts - manage all PPC accounts added for this website
Settings - configure website settings and tracking options

Switching between websites

On the top of the sidebar, there is a website selector. If you're managing multiple websites, here you can easily switch the view from one website to the other.

Multi-account support

Since paid marketing is often multi-channel, you can add multiple PPC accounts under the same website. Open the PPC accounts page to add additional PPC accounts for this website.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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