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Manager (MCC) Access VS Google oAuth Access

There are 3 ways ClickGUARD can access to protect and optimize a Google Ads account:

direct access via your Google account

manager (MCC) access - preferred for advanced data-driven users

access via linked MCC account

All access types are valid and safe and they all ensure ClickGUARD can work with your Google Ads.

Direct (oAauth) Access

When you're using your Google account (email) to manage a Google Ads account, you can authorize ClickGUARD with that Google account (email) to provide us access to any Google Ads accounts you're directly managing (including MCC/Manager accounts).

The above is widely known as Google oAuth and it makes the process of linking your account significantly faster.

All changes to your campaigns made by ClickGUARD will appear in your Google Ads Change History as made by the user you authorized.

It's important to note that when you don't add your Google Ads account to ClickGUARD's MCC hierarchy our team is unable to pride on-boarding assistance and immediate support, as we are unable to access your Google Ads UI.

Manager (MCC) Access

When you add your Google Ads account to our manager (MCC) hierarchy, ClickGUARD can access your account to protect and optimize your campaigns.

This is the preferred way of integrating ClickGUARD for advanced data-driven user as it allows our support team to assist you with setup and provide better insight into what's going on with your Google Ads account. Simply put, with your permission, our team is able to access your Google Ads UI and provide immediate support.

All changes to your campaigns made by ClickGUARD will appear in your Google Ads Change History as made by ClickGUARD user.

Access via Linked MCC

You can link your manager (MCC) account with ClickGUARD either by adding it to ClickGUARD's MCC hierarchy or by authorizing your Google account with access to the given manager account.
When you link a manager account with ClickGUARD, regardless of the access type you opted for, ClickGUARD can access all Google Ads accounts managed by your MCC account.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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