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How to track conversions in ClickGUARD with Google Tag Manager?

You can easily add ClickGUARD's conversion tracking with Google Tag Manager. Please note that this tutorial assumes you've created one or more custom events in Google Tag Manager that would normally trigger conversion tracking.

Login to your GTM account and select the correct website project and follow these steps:

Step 1 - Add new tag

Click on the "New Tag" button:

In "Tag Configuration" select the “Custom HTML Tag” product:

Step 2 - Paste the conversion code

Visit Account Settings to obtain the conversion code.

In the “Tag Configuration” card - paste the code into the “Custom HTML” text box:

Hint: You can also attach additional information (comment and value) to your ClickGUARD conversion events or attach conversion tracking to specific events.

Step 3 - Set triggers

Within the "Triggering" card - chose your event that is supposed to trigger conversion tracking (in this example the "signUp" event):

Step 4 - Save changes

Save your new tag and submit changes. You've just installed the conversion code on your website.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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