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How to test if ClickGUARD website tracking code is installed?

The best and fastest way to check if ClickGUARD's website tracking code is working is to use the built-in Test Tool in ClickGUARD:

Test using ClickGUARD's built-in Test Tool

(1) Find the tool in Account Settings

Visit Account Settings, scroll down to the Tracking Code section and find the "Test Installation" option:

(2) Enter your website URL

Hit the "Test Tracking Code" button and enter your website URL:

(3) Let ClickGUARD run the test

Hit "Run the test" and wait for the test to be completed:

(4) Check outcome

After completion, you will be notified of the outcome:

Test using web browser

Another way to check the installation is to use the built-in Developer Tools of your browser. Just follow these steps to test in less than 2 minutes:

(1) Visit your website

Visit the website where you installed the tracking code. If you only installed it on specific pages, visit the page(s) where the code is supposed to run.

(2) Open Dev Tools in your browser

You can open Dev Tools in your browser of choice by following these guidelines.

(3) Inspect the "Network" tab

Position on the "Network" tab in your browser's developer tools and then hit refresh to reload the website. Make sure you wait for the page to load, especially if you've installed the code via Google Tag Manager.

Then input clickguard into the search bar:

If the code was properly set, you should see the network requests made by the ClickGUARD's tracking:

If you don't see any trace of the tracking code, it was likely not properly installed.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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