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How to test if ClickGUARD is tracking clicks?

The best indicator that ClickGUARD is logging and tracking your paid traffic is to see clicks in ClickGUARD within Click Reports. However, there is a great way to test the tracking template directly in Google Ads.

Login to Google Ads and go to the account or campaign settings where you installed ClickGUARD's tracking template. Under "Tracking" you will notice a blue "TEST" command:

Hit the "TEST" and let's interpret the results.

Successful Test

When the test is successful, Google Ads will both confirm that the tracking succeeded and that your landing page was found:

If you haven't configured ClickGUARD to ignore clicks from Google ad bot, you will be able to see clicks from the successful test in your Click Reports as ADBOT clicks.

Issues with Tracking

Issues with tracking will be shown by Google, and will usually be related to your final URL (landing page) not being accessible to Google's test:

In these cases you would need to check why your landing page URL was not properly formed during tracking. Best way to understand this is to mouse over the tracking template URL to get a more detailed tracking trail:

Make sure to contact ClickGUARD support in case you need help setting up or testing click tracking.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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