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How to setup a workspace in ClickGUARD?

ClickGUARD workspace is where you organize and manage all the websites and PPC accounts you're protecting with ClickGUARD. A single workspace should cover your whole business operation.

When creating a new workspace, we need to go through a couple of steps to make sure your workspace is properly setup.

Step 1: Setting basic information

We need to provide basic information about a business that will be using this workspace - domain name, industry, advertising platforms, and expected monthly ad spend. This information helps better configure the workspace, providing relevant features and optimized fraud protection.

Next we need to give ClickGUARD access to a PPC platform - this enables us to fetch account information, configure protection and to take protective actions.

Select a PPC platform
Authorize access to selected platform

Note: You can fully manage links to PPC platforms in your workspace.

More information:
Adding access to PPC platforms

Step 3: Add PPC accounts

With PPC platform linked, now we need to select PPC accounts to initialize and add to your workspace. Account will be automatically initialized and website will be created based on your advertised domain.

Note: You can fully manage your domains and PPC accounts in your workspace.

More information:

Adding standard Google Ads accounts
Adding MCC Google Ads accounts

Step 4: Activate workspace

Once PPC accounts are added and initialized, you will have access to the dashboard. To start using your workspace, you need to select a protection plan, and activate your workspace to start your free trial.

Selecting protection plan
Based on your needs and your targeted monthly ad spend, choose a protection plan and billing options.

Important: During the trial period, you can enjoy the benefits of ClickGUARD Pro subscription. You will be billed at the end of the trial period, when your selected plan will be in effect.

Adding payment method
Authorize a payment method to be used when your trial ends.

Note: You will NOT be charged immediately. Billing starts at the end of your trial period.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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