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How to set up automatic click tracking with Google Ads?

In order for ClickGUARD to track paid traffic coming from Google Ads, we need to configure a tracking template on Google Ads account level.

By doing this, all traffic coming from your ads will be tracked to ClickGUARD.

To enable automatic setup of click tracking, visit PPC accounts page, select your Google Ads account and open the Tracking tab.

PPC Accounts

Enable the Automatically configure click tracking toggle, and click Save settings. Now ClickGUARD will automatically set tracking template on your Google Ads account to enable tracking of paid traffic.

Are there alternatives?

Yes. If you're already using tracking template, you can configure click tracking with URL suffix only.

Can I configure tracking manually in Google Ads?

Yes. Please take a look at instructions described here.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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