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How to set the Google Ads tracking template?

You can install the tracking template in your Google Ads account by following these steps:

1. Grab the tracking template from ClickGUARD

Visit the Account Settings in ClickGUARD for the Google Ads account you wish to configure

Copy ClickGUARD's tracking template in the “Ads Tracking Template” section.

Note that you can also opt ClickGUARD to automatically set up tracking template:

2. Install tracking template in Google Ads

In order for ClickGUARD to log your ad clicks you have to configure the tracking template on the account level. Alternatively, only if you intend to protect specific campaigns with ClickGUARD and manually maintain the tracking template for newly added campaigns, you can configure it for each specific campaign you intend to track and optimize with ClickGUARD. Same goes for your ads.

Install tracking template on account level (default)
Go to the "Account Settings" by clicking on the link in your sidebar (on the left side in Google Ads UI):

Open the "Tracking" panel, paste the tracking template and then hit "Save":

Install tracking template on campaign level (optional)

Select the campaign you wish to change and go to "Settings" by clicking on the appropriate link in your sidebar:

Expand the "Additional Settings":

Open the "Campaign URL options" panel, paste the tracking template and then hit "Save":

Removing tracking template on ad level (optional)

Edit the ad you wish to change and expand the "Ad URL options" section on the bottom:

You can now paste the tracking template and hit "Save":

See this link from official documentation on how to configure the tracking template based on the type of the account you’re using.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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