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How to request refunds from Google Ads?

In order to request a refund from Google Ads based on the data on suspicious and fraudulent ad clicks, you have to fill in their click quality form available here to request a manual investigation on their end.

The form requires a click log to be submitted. You can easily obtain the data from ClickGUARD by logging in and visiting Click Reports > Clicks. There you can filter out the time period for which you're requesting a refund, include suspicious and/or fraudulent clicks and apply any other filters and then click on the green download icon to get the CSV file you can submit with the form.

Important: You can request a click quality investigation once in every 60 days.

Automated report

You can (and likely should) configure a click quality report email within your ClickGUARD Settings to be sent to you every 2 months:

You can use the information provided within the email (including a link to download the click log) to easily fill out the form. It comes down to copy & paste.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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