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How to manually install ClickGUARD website tracking code in Shopify?

To install the tracking code in Shopify you should place it within your Shopify theme.

Note: You cannot track post-click behavior on your checkout page with Shopify. To learn how to install the tracking code in the "Order Confirmation" page and how to setup conversion tracking click here.

Shopify Plus? If you have Shopify Plus reach out to your Merchant Success Manager for instructions to install the tracking code during checkout!

To install the code login to your Shopify store and follow these steps to set it up in a matter of minutes:

Step 1 - Visit your store

Within the dashboard, click on Online Store:

Step 2 - Edit your theme

Click on Themes and then click on the Actions button on the top right and choose Edit Code:

Step 3 - Edit theme before "body" tag ends

Under layout, select theme.liquid. and scroll down the page until you find the ending </body> tag:.

Step 4 - Paste ClickGUARD code

Paste your ClickGUARD Tracking Code just before this closing </body> tag:

Step 5 - Save and Publish

Once done, Click Save and Publish your Theme to apply the changes.

Important: Each Google Ads account you introduce to ClickGUARD will have its own unique Tracking Code. You can find your Tracking Code by going to Account Settings and clicking on the Website (Landing Page) Tracking Code.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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