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How to create offline conversion data sets?

How to Create an Offline Event Set for Your Meta Ads

If you're running Meta ads, one of the essential steps to connect your Account with ClickGUARD is to create an offline event set. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to create an offline event set and measure the real-world impact of your ads.

Creating an Offline Event Set

Go to Events Manager
Navigate to the green plus sign and select Connect data sources
Choose Offline and then Connect
Name your offline event set and add a description if desired. Then, select Create.
Select the ad accounts you want to track ad performance using this offline event set.
You can turn on auto-tracking to default to this offline event set when creating new ads, and turn on auto-assignment to automatically assign new ad accounts to this event set.
Click Next.

Adding People and Managing Permission Settings

Once you've created your offline event set, you can start adding people to it and manage your permission settings.

Default Event Set

If you're a new business, a default event set may be automatically created and assigned to your ad accounts. Check Events Manager for details and to manage it.

By creating an offline event set, you can gain valuable insights into how your Meta ads are impacting in-store events. Follow these steps and start measuring the real-world impact of your ads today.

Updated on: 01/05/2023

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