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How to add a Google Ads account to ClickGUARD? (1.0)

To add a standard Google Ads account to ClickGUARD, you should visit your Google Ads Accounts page and follow these instructions:

Adding Google Ads account directly

You can add a Google Ads account directly by clicking on the "+ Account" button:

Follow instructions to either invite the account to be managed by ClickGUARD's MCC account:

Go back to Google Ads to accept the invite and wait for ClickGUARD to initialize your newly added account.

You can also add the account by authenticating with your Google account (oAuth):

Adding a managed Google Ads account (via your MCC)

If you've previously added a manager (MCC) account - you can add one of your managed accounts "+ Managed Account" button:

Simply select one of the Google Ads accounts managed by one of your added manager account(s) you wish to add to ClickGUARD:

Can't add account?

Your subscription plan supports a limited number of Google Ads accounts you can protect and optimize with ClickGUARD. If you are unable to click the appropriate button you might have reached your limit.

If you need to protect and optimize additional Google Ads accounts with ClickGUARD you can reach out to our support for a custom subscription plan.

Updated on: 01/05/2023

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