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How does ClickGUARD track page visits?

When you install the website tracking code on your landing page(s) ClickGUARD is able to track every single page visit on your website after an ad click

Tracking page views (visits) starts from the very moment our website tracking code loads. This is counted as a single page view, which differs from many other tracking providers (namely Google Analytics) where it is necessary for the visitor to visit at least one page other than the landing page. This doesn't work well for one-page websites.

Every time the visitor goes to another page on the website ClickGUARD will count the page view (visit) as long as the visitor maintains the browser session (has their browser open).

How is this information used?

Knowing the number of pages visitors view on your website after an ad click is actionable data you can use in Visitor Behavior rules.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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