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How does ClickGUARD determine bot probability?

When you install the website tracking code on your landing page(s) ClickGUARD is able to gauge the probability that the visitor is a bot.

Our tracking code is tracking a range of different site interaction metrics such as clicks, mouse movement, interaction with different elements on the page, typing, interacting with forms and many more.

The system is able to determine the probability that the visitor is a bot by combining all metrics into interaction patterns and running them through an intelligent algorithm. The output is a bot probability matrix:

low probability: the visitor is most likely not a bot
medium probability: the visitor is showing some characteristics of bot interaction, but not enough to consider them - a bot
high probability: the visitor is most likely a bot

How is this information used?

Knowing that a bot was interacting with your website after an ad click is actionable data you can use in Simple Visitor Behavior or Advanced Visitor Behavior rules.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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