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Google Ads limit of blocked IP addresses per campaign

Google Ads allows blocking / excluding up to 500 IP addresses or IP address ranges for each campaign. This is one of the many limiting factors of the platform but it has a big influence on click fraud protection.

How does ClickGUARD work around the 500 IPs limit?

ClickGUARD intelligently manages your blocking list to make sure that:

there's always room for new blocks

what needs to be blocked, remains blocked

This means that our protection system will perform periodical and impromptu cleanups to make room for new blocks based on many factors, including but not limited to:

severity of the reason why the IP/range was blocked

blocking duration (expiration date, permanency)


By making your blocking list up to date and ClickGUARD is able to protect you against current threats at all times.

What if we unblocked an IP and clicks continue?

Of course, this can happen. However if ClickGUARD detects another click from the given IP address it will be immediately blocked again - this time with added severity to improve the cleanup process.

Can cleanup be prevented for a specific IP address or range?

Yes. You can make any block permanent in block/exclusion forensics.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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