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Does ClickGUARD support web session recording?

ClickGUARD does not record web sessions. There are many services out there that specialize in this functionality and deliver recordings for the purpose of understanding how users interact with your website.

Reviewing hundreds or thousands of web session recordings is an extremely tedious and unscalable way of fighting click fraud and dealing with unwanted ad traffic. After reviewing a recording, you would have to manually block out the click source in case it doesn't meet your criteria.

Instead, ClickGUARD uses the website tracking code installed on your website to track visitor behavior, including:

time spent on site

page visits

user interaction

determine bots

With ClickGUARD the tracked behavior metrics are actionable through Simple Behavior or Advanced Behavior rules that automate the process of mitigating the effects of click fraud and deal with non-converting and wasteful clicks - automatically.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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