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Does ClickGUARD support Facebook Ads?

ClickGUARD currently works exclusively with Google Ads. At the moment Facebook Ads does not provide the necessary tools to automate protection from fraudulent or low-quality paid traffic by means of exclusion of bad click sources.

While our tools could help detect problematic traffic, there is simply no way to properly react to prevent it from being repetitive and disrupting for the advertiser.

Along with other ad tech vendors and advertisers ClickGUARD is an advocate for changes in the industry and within Facebook as a platform for digital marketeers, however options remain extremely limited.

When the conditions above change ClickGUARD will work diligently to bring the full power of our detection, prevention and optimization tools to businesses buying ads on Facebook.

Does ClickGUARD log clicks from Facebook Ads?

Yes. Clicks that come from Facebook Ads are logged as "FACEBOOK" clicks in your Click Log:

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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