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ClickGUARD 2.0 migration guide

If you're an active user of existing ClickGUARD platform, and you're looking to transfer early to an upcoming ClickGUARD 2.0 - you will need this guide to show you how to prepare for migration.

Subscription status

Your current subscription cannot be transferred over, and in ClickGUARD 2.0 you will select a new protection plan and start a new trialing period.

Before you start a trial in 2.0, you should request a cancellation for your current ClickGUARD subscription.

Go to Subscription page, and click on Cancel subscription button to request a cancellation. For cancellation reason enter "Moving to 2.0"!


Our staff will respond quickly, and they will put your subscription in "Cancelling" status, staying active until the end of your current billing period.

Google Ads tracking template

When adding your Google Ads accounts to ClicKGUARD 2.0, it will require installation of new tracking template.

To prevent conflicting configuration, you should disable automated configuration of Google Ads tracking template on your current account.

Go to Account settings, open the Google Ads Tracking Template category, and disable the Automated Configuration checkbox. Make sure to save the changes!

Automated Configuration

Next steps

Now you're ready to embark on a ClickGUARD 2.0 journey! Check out these articles for help with onboarding:

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Updated on: 24/02/2023

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