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Can I track clicks on Google Ads without setting tracking template?

If your tracking template is already used by another service, you can alternatively setup click tracking with final URL suffix only.

You can let ClickGUARD set this up automatically - visit PPC accounts page, select your Google Ads account and open the Tracking tab.

PPC Accounts - URL Suffix

Enable the Automatically configure click tracking toggle, and Use final URL suffix only, and click Save settings. Now ClickGUARD will automatically set tracking via URL suffix on your Google Ads account.

Important: When tracking with final URL suffix, there are few important things to consider:

You need to have tracking code installed on your website

Since traffic is not coming directly from Google Ads, we will be tracking ad clicks with the help of tracking code. With parameters set in the final URL suffix, tracking code will report those visits as paid traffic.

Make sure you have tracking code installed on your website for URL suffix tracking to work.

You will not be able to track bounced clicks

Since all the paid traffic is tracked directly from the website landing page, we can't accurately track bounced clicks. When a visitors closes the web page immediately after clicking on an ad, by using only final URL suffix we will not be able to track this type of a click.

If you don't want to miss these clicks, make sure you setup tracking with tracking template instead.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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